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( Mar. 26th, 2018 09:33 am)
I've been meaning to do this for awhile, but I've just been really lazy. I don't really feel like typing it all out in URL for my userinfo, and that really clutters it up anyway. So here's an awards dump.
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( May. 12th, 2009 08:56 pm)
This is a test. Test test test.
Man, I have been totally and utterly wiped out for the past week. Any time I get to myself, when I'm not hanging out with people/doing homework/at school is precious. I usually catch up on anime or manga, or write something new, and then it's off to the next thing. Once I start to get more into the rhythm of things, I'll try to comment more on the f-list, but no promises.

Spend spend spend. Damn you Japan. )

Cut for rambling )

Almost everything in the Fall 2008 anime lineup has been awesome. To Aru Majutsu no Index is probably my far and away favorite because it's just so cool, and then Tora Dora, Tales of the Abyss, Kannagi, Kurogane no Linebarrels, and Yozakura Quartet are the others I am definitely keeping up with this season. I'm on the fence about Hyakko (the second episode wasn't as fun for some reason), Chaos;Head, and Shikabanehime Aka.

Lastly, here's some pictures from my birthday last week and the stuff I bought in Akihabara.

Cut again? Wow. )
My parents just informed me that we may go see Wayne Brady while we're in Las Vegas.

I have mixed feelings on it, mostly because I know the first thing I'm going to do at his show is be tempted to yell "OH SHIT IT'S WAYNE BRADY SON!" and dive out of the way. But even if he doesn't reenact the Chappelle Show skit, I'd see it just because Wayne Brady is really entertaining.

In other news, the back door of my car slammed on my ankle when I went through it because I locked myself out of the car, and that was the only way in.

I totally forgot about it until I brushed it against my bed. And now I remember.

Remember that it really, really hurts. Like a beyotch.
Happy 7/7/7 folks!

May good luck smile on you today. Or for those of you who don't believe in luck... erm... may you make a good day for yourself? I dunno. I actually believe in luck (how else do you explain my getting by so far in life? Seriously.)

I've been thinking about trying this out for awhile, so why the Hell not, right?

I hereby declare the creation of
The 7/7/7 Friending Meme!

Just copy and paste the text box below!

Now please be spreading this meme to your f-lists, yes?
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( Mar. 27th, 2007 01:11 am)
Somehow, it doesn't really feel like this belongs at [profile] the_crossroad. Because this is pure, unadulterated crack. Its not even a true fic, I think. Just some random idea I threw out of the dark abyss of my mind.

Written because this wouldn't get out of my head after listening to Dane Cook and reading Naruto fanfic at the same time.

This is the result.

I've been meaning to write these down for some time, and since I'm bored as hell and still a bit weird from my nap, I suppose now's a good time.

What this is, in question, is the first part of a list of the best fanfiction I've ever read. I'm not a fic reccer and this isn't anything official, nor anything associated with any community. This is just one person's opinion.

I'll probably place it somewhere formal eventually. 

You may notice many of them are Neon Genesis Evangelion stories- this isn't a bias. I really, truly have seen a majority of the best fanfiction I've ever read in that fandom... though very few of them are on Strangely, a majority of these stories are rather old (2000 and before). Perhaps there has been a decline in quality...

But that's not my place to decide, nor my intention at the moment.

There are more I could name, but since I'm sort of wanting to eat dinner, I think I'll leave it at that.

Part 2 will be up later.